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Fabstun; A Platform innovatively designed to blend social media and Ecommerce. You will be amazed to explore this stunning and fabulous application for its dynamic features. It is a complete platform with whole lot of options to promote all the products.

Fabstun is a package of surprises with a blend of innovation and formulation. Being a Seller, display the products to grab the attention of the global audience. Being a buyer, view the posts, express an opinion, and even create a favorite list of products and designers

Stir up your closet collection with the heart winning designs displayed by the global designers.

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Explore the potential of the dynamic features on Fabstun…

Being a buyer, one can use follower’s button to add value to the friend list. One can utilize the Chat and video call feature to connect with the designers. One can also create a featured list and get to know the fashion updates through push notifications.

Being a seller, one can roll out the fabulous products on Fabstun to boost the sales and improve ROI. One can utilize the advanced analytics tool to measure the performance of the products. One can also use dynamic pricing to top the featured product list on Fabstun.

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Set the trend!

Explore Fabstun to own the mesmerizing collection of products and experience the fabulous products displayed in the artistry of Fabstun. Just go through the mesmerizing collection to uplift the inspiration and own the heart-winning collection of products with a single click.

One can also engage with the designers to visualize the dreams to bring a new form of life to the creativity. Go on improving the followers on Fabstun and mark the featured list with a single click. One can check the alerts on the go to buy the best of the collection from the expert designers.

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Certainly! You would be keen to know about how your products are performing.

One can analyze the performance of the products on the go with a single tap on the analytics button. One might have had a talented display on Fabstun and out of them, which one of the product in the closet is grabbing the buyer attention? Well, the results can create a huge impact on the ROI of the seller collection.

This helps to improve the sales and ROI, brand presence in the top search, brand global recognition and elevate the brand value in the market.

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About us

Fabstun: Fabulous and Stunning

Fabstun is an ingenious platform where you can experience the essence of creativity for the product design. Explore the beauty of the products carved from the talented designers and even more.

This innovative platform not only praises the creativity but also encourages the best in class talent who design fantabulous products. The dynamic features are the heart of this interactive platform. You can connect to the designers and explain what exactly you are looking for. The idea of Fabstun is simple yet highly productive for the buyers and sellers.

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